About Us


VisionAssociation for Social Transformation and Humanitarians Assistance (ASTHA Nepal), 1996  was established as named “Village Development and Women Awareness Centre (VDWAC)” with the objective to contribute for the socio-economic transformation of the country for upliftment of living standard of rural people by enhancing their awareness on socio-economic, cultural and environmental issues through various development programs related to awareness raising, entrepreneurship development, community infrastructure development, environment protection, skill development and sustainable development of natural systems. The rationale behind the inception of ASTHA is the realization that the problems of poverty and rural backwardness cannot be addressed through efforts of the government alone and complementary programs and initiatives should come from non- governmental sector as well. The basic purpose of ASTHA therefore, is to work with the poor, Dalits, indigenous and disadvantaged people and their organizations/groups at the grassroots level as a mechanism of enhancing their capacity for rural development.


ASTHA Nepal has been mobilizing the unused and underutilized resources available within the society. ASTHA has been implementing community development programs that focus on social mobilization, capacity building and infrastructure improvement and renovation. ASTHA’s role in the process of development is to serve disadvantaged people by acting development catalyst and service provider towards the achieving the objectives of the organization.





To establish social justice, rights of poor people by providing skill, knowledge, and awareness with the mobilization of local resources so as to solve the enduring problem in the society.


Healthy, educated, equitable, and prosperous society is the vision of ASTHA- Nepal.

Guiding Principles 

ASTHA Nepal is guided by the principle of non-discrimination on the basis of ethnic origin, political opinion, gender, race, caste or religions. All programmes are targeted towards the disadvantaged, excluded, indigenous, poor and marginalised people. Poverty reduction, meeting the immediate needs and conditions of the poor people and enabling the communities to be self-sufficient is the major focus of the organisation.


ASTHA Nepal works with individuals, households, groups, Community Organizations, Community Based Organizations and local communities through their direct involvement in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation so as to create transparency and accountability among the beneficiaries.




  • To protect the environment by controlling the negative impacts on environment through social mobilization and local empowerment.
  • To work for the construction of community property and physical infrastructure as per the demand of the community.
  • To work for optimal mobilization of local resources for creating the sustainable and independent society.
  • To establish social justice of the rural people by enhancing the capacity, skills and knowledge.
  • To develop the association of local level development workers for expanding in larger scopes.

Our Objectives

  • To implement various programs at local level such as adult literacy, Women literacy, Health and Population control to uplift local level socio-economic condition.
  • To reduce global environment’s negative impacts by implementing various programs such as agricultural improvement, forest conservation, water resources conservation and its effective utilization along with public awareness programs.
  • To implement various programs for youths to increase their social aberration such as bad friendship, drinking alcohol and further make them active in social development programs.
  • To implement economic development programme based on public and private partnership.
  • To implement programs on Human Rights, Media and Information Rights disadvantaged and for conflict victims.
  • To develop local good governance and multi partnership
  • To implement the programme for long term peace process, human rights and socio-economic transformation.
  • To assist in promotion and expansion Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs)
  • To implement the programs for safe drinking water and sanitation
  • To implement employment generation programme at local level.
  • To exchange help and cooperation among national and international organizations having same objectives.

Board memebers

Durga Kumari Bhandari

Chair Person

Madan Kumar Shahi

Vice Chair Person

Er.Krishna ayer

General Secretary

Nirmala Rawal


 Mr. Mahesh Bahadur shahi 


Er. Mahesh Shrestha


Paile Damai


Ajit Bhandari


Laxmi Devi Sahi