Bagmati Integrated Watershed

Follow-Up Project.

Project Partner


Total Project Cost

NRS 27,34,442

Start Date

March, 2003


Ending Date

February, 2005

Target Group

Local people.


To enhance the livelihood and develop infrastructure in Bagmati Integrated Watershed basin area.

Major Achivements

  • One rural road,12 W/S,7 irrigation,6 pond maintained, 26 O& M planed.
  • iIproved wheat/maize/vegetable seeds distributed to 675 people, 26 persons provided vocational trainings
  • 3 VAHWs, 4 LARPs, 2 agro-vat shops are servicing


  • Institutional facilitation to hamlet groups, UCs, CFUGs etc.
  • Support for maintenance of rural infrastructures.
  • Support to local based IGAs.
  • Conduct different trainings.
  • Develop/train local resource persons.

Project Location

74 groups of indigenous community are functional. Different Infrastructures were developed with the initiation of women and DAG.