Bio Mass Energy Support Program

Project Partner


Total Project Cost

NRS 1,200,000.00 (Annual)

Start Date

Nov 2007 


Ending Date

July 2015

Target Group

 Rural Pro-poor people especially women.


  • Project wider objective
    ⦁ To increase the access of poor people in clean energy technologies especially through the Clean Cooking Solution.
    Project specific objectives
    ⦁ Provide the hands on skill for rural community specially women and DAG.
    ⦁ To install the Quality ICS.
    ⦁ To decrease the dependency on fire wood and reduce deforestation.
    ⦁ To improve the living standards of rural poor people specially women.

Major Achivements

⦁ 125 Nos of community people were trained for installation of ICS.
⦁ 35,000 Nos of ICS were installed.
⦁ 200,000 Nos of community people are aware about the impact of RETs, climate change and mitigation measures of it.

Project Location

Turmakhad, Balata, Dhakari, Hichma, Nada, Bhairavsthan. Tosi, Dhamali, Raniban, Dhauku shera, Mauli Kalikastahn Bainayak, Toli, Kuika, Chalsa Maliikot, Jupu, oligaun, Bannatoli Kalagaun Bhatayakatiya, sutar Santada, Nandagada and Sodasa, VDCs in Achham district.


Participation of Women and DAG

In Nepal most of energy source is fuel wood specially used for cooking purpose and traditional way of cooking has various negative impacts. So for the reduction of such negative impacts, Biomass Energy Program had been implemented in this district. In context of Nepal, Women are specially engaged for cooking purpose rather than men. So this project has been directly benefited by women.