Decentralized Support Project for Women.

Project Partner

Mahila Bikash Karyalaya/ADB

Total Project Cost

NRS 420,000.00 (total)

Start Date

October 2017

Ending Date

September 2019

Project Detail

Target Group

Community People.


To Facilitate COs and IGs.

Major Achivements

  • 9 groups formed/institutionalized
  • 243 goats and 59 pigs distributed
  • Different capacity development and awareness raising program conducted.

Participation of Women and Girl

Yes. Most of the volunteers mobilized for the awareness raising are women and DAG.


  • Institutional facilitation to COs.
  • Conduct different training for COs.
  • Facilitate the IGAs.

    Project Location

    Kalagau VDC (Achham)