Education and Child Education Sponsorship  Project/DRR.

Project Partner

World Vision International Nepal

Total Project Cost

NRS 49657,960

Start Date

October 2017

Ending Date

September 2019

Project Detail

Target Group

Pro-poor community and RC Children of Achham.


To Facilitate CVA Group of selected school, Monitoring RC Children, Formation and Facilitate of WCPPC, CFLG, Conduct Training etc.

Major Achivements

  • Formation of CPPC, CVA, CFLG
  • Raising awareness towards sponsorship approach,
  • Conducted training to CVA, CPPC, Teachers, SMS.

Participation of Women and Girl

Yes. Women and girls are participated in each stage of the project area.


  • Institutional facilitation
  • Initiate awareness activities (Education and health)
  • Conduct different trainings
  • Formation Different groups and raising the Awareness program, Training and Health hygiene class.

    Project Location