Integrated Protection and Community Engagement (IPCE) Project  

Project Partner

World Vision International Nepal

Total Project Cost

NRS 45300000 Annual Basis

Start Date

October, 2019


Ending Date

September, 2025

Target Group

Married children / at risk of marriage, Children in labor /trafficking, Discriminated and excluded children, exploited children, Children and women experiencing violence, Children at risk of abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence, Registered Children in programme and Government stakeholders, CBOs, Teachers, Faith leaders, Parents, and Community people


Children are loved protected and empowered.

Major Achivements

  • 5500 children have been registered in the programme.
  • 4 Municipal have conducted LLCA for the children situation in their own municipal.
  • 3 Municipal have prepared the 5 years strategy plan to reduce the children issues based on the LLCA.
  • 1 wards have been declared the CFLG and 4 wards are under the process of CFLG deceleration.
  • 4 Municipal have formed the CRC and are functional. They have developed the CRC operation guideline, Child club management guideline and some of the policy are under the process of development.
  • Municipal and ward level child club network have been formed and are functional.


  • Community partners understand and utilize child sponsorship to care for children and enable children, families and communities to have life enriching experiences.
  • Children, with support from caregivers, are resilient and able to respond to CP issues.
  • CP system and services are functional.

Project Location

Mellkeh Rural Municipality, Sanfebagar Municipality, Panchdewal Binayak Municipality and Kamalbazar Municipality.


Participation of Women and DAG

Yes. 45% of MVC and women participation are ensured through the programme activities.