LGAF (Local Governance & Accountability Facility) JV with COMAT and IRD.

Project Partner

ADRA-Nepal/European Commission

Total Project Cost

NRS 307,000,00.00

Start Date

November 2010  


Ending Date

December 2012

Target Group

Urban People.


The overall objective of LGAF is to enhance downward accountability of the local bodies and local service providers.


    • To provide assistance to the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to facilitate citizen engagement in local governance processes.
    • To build on the government’s interest and commitment in fostering greater participatory democracy including citizens’ voices in the development process.
    • To help enhance the capacity of a range of civil society actors, including media, to better engage in dialogue with local government agencies and perform a critical accountability role at all levels.
    • To engage citizens and communities actively in the local governance process and hold local governments accountable.

Major Achivements

  • The bridge between the local bodies and the community(citizen) have begun to demonstrate their accountability, allocation of budget as per the block grant guidelines, planning, monitoring and evaluation process, allocation of budget as per the block grant guidelines, interactions etc.
  • VDC activities are being carried out from the designated VDC itself rather than the dist. HQ. as was the case before
  • VDC technicians have agreed to prepare the cost estimates in Nepali language
  • Attendances of local body officials in their respective offices have become more regular.
  • The programme has resulted in the Participation of the community people in public hearing and public audit, Community people’s participation in local governance activities demanding transparency in the functioning of local governance, succeeded in unearthing irregularities and corrections, started field verifications of the progress as shown in the documents
  • Local bodies have committed to abide by the guidelines while forming Users Committees.
  • The all party mechanisms have accepted the LGAF programme positively.


  • Capacity of CSOs strengthened to facilitate citizen rights to local bodies’ services
  • Enhance community engagement to make local bodies responsive and answerable  towards citizens/communities.

Project Location

All over Nepal (75 districts).


Participation of Women and DAG

Participation of Women and DAG –
Vulnerable girls and Adolescents were participated in this program.