Local Governance and Community Development Program (LGCDP) – II Project

Project Partner


Total Project Cost

NRS  2,207,127.30

Start Date

23 April 2015


Ending Date

31 July 2015

Target Group

Vulnerable community due to climate change


  • To facilitate implementation of climate change policies and strategies at local level via capacity development of governmental organizations and NGO actors at district and local level
  • To increase the community resiliency (adaptation capacity) by facilitation to create enabling environment for mainstreaming climate change adaptation in local development planning process.
  • To support the sectorial agencies in implementing LAPA activities, documentation of the best practices, success stories, social mobilization, monitoring and evaluation.

Major Achivements

  • Submergence rice farming exercised by 200 farmers of 6 VDCs in Kailali district
  • Commercial vegetable exercised by 40 farmers of dhansinghpur VDC of Kailali.
  • Beekeeping exercised by 40 farmers of Tikapur and Pabera in Kailali district.
  • Initiation of the change in the behavior of students by capacitating the village and women health workers.
  • Fruits cultivation exercised by 325 farmers of 6 VDCs in Kailali district
  • Improvement of awareness level through the street drama about climate change in Pawara and Sugarkhal.
  • Development in the importance of emergency and adaptation fund for the  people of Narayanpur and Lalbhoji.

Project Location

Tikapur, Narayanpur, Dhansingpur, Lalbojhi, Bhajani, Pawara, Udshipur and Sugarkhal VDCs of Kailali.


Participation of Women and DAG

As one of the objective of this project is to mainstream the mainstream GESI in project implementation by increasing contributions of rural women and men towards economic growth. So in this project women and DAG are especially targeted.