Poverty Alleviation Support  Project (PRSP).

Project Partner

Poverty Alleviation Fund

Total Project Cost

NRS 961037 (Annual)

Start Date18

November, 2009


Ending Date


Target Group

Extremely Poverty Alleviated Community People.


  • To reduce extreme forms of poverty from program district.

Major Achivements

  • 16 local level interaction conducted ,
  • 102 COs are functional of Janjaties (indigenous), Dalit and women.
  • 6 capacity development activities were conducted for COs and Pos staffs.
  • 3060 community members initiated the income generation activities.
  • 10 community infrastructures have been constructed.


  • Institutional facilitation to COs
  • Conduct different training for COs.
  • Conduct different training for PO staffs.
  • Facilitate the construction of rural infrastructures.
  • Facilitate conduction of IGAs.

    Project Location

    Panchadewal Binayak Municipality (2 and 3 Binayak, 4 Kalikastha, 5 Layanti, 6 Toli, 7 Pulletola and 9 Kalekanda) and Mellekh Rural Municipaliti (1 and 2 Rishidaha and 3 Thanti) in Achham District.


    Participation of Women and DAG

    32 COs are functioning headed by Janajatis. Different infrastructures were constructed with the mobilization of women groups and DAG.