Province No 6 Karnali Pardesh

All 10 District.

Project Partner

Alternative Energy Promotion Centre/Government of Nepal

Total Project Cost

NRS 35,55,038.43

Start Date

Magh 15, 2074

Ending Date

Ashad, 30 2075

Project Detail

Target Group

Women, Dalits, Janjaties and pro-poor community especially who do not have access of clean energy technology.


To facilitate for constriction of water supply schemes as well as support for total sanitation and hygiene for local communities.

Major Achivements

  • Implementation of Solar lifting drinking water projects.
  • Grassfire energy, BIO Gas and Installation of Iron Cook Stoves.
  • Micro hydro electrification to Community.
  • All renewable energy resource management to community.


Participation of Women and DAG

Yes. Women and DAG are participated in each stage of the project.


  • Institutional facilitation
  • Initiate awareness activities (personal health and hygiene etc)
  • Conduct different trainings
  • Formation Different groups and raising the Awareness program, Training and Health hygiene class.
  • Conduct the Total Sanitation campaign.

    Project Location

    Turmakhand Rural Municipality, Achham