Rural Village Water Resource Management Project (RVWRMP).

Project Partner

Rural Village Water Resource Management Project (RVWRMP)

Total Project Cost

NRS 54,87,530 (Annual)

Start Date

January , 2007 


Ending Date


Target Group

Rural Pro-poor people especially women.


Project wider objective

To institutionalize capacity at local level to sustain and continuously improve enhanced quality of life, better envir­onmental conditions and increased opportunities in rural livelihoods in the Project area.


Project specific objectives

  • Institutional facilitation for women/users committees
  • To create awareness on health and Hygiene, HIV/AIDS, Childcare.
  • Capacity Development of community people on Health and Hygiene, Solid Waste Management/Sanitation, Environment management.

Facilitate for the construction of rural infrastructure like road, micro hydro, irrigation etc.

Major Achivements

  • Formation/reformation and mobilization of UCs/WUCs, technical help on dispute resolution, record keeping, transparency maintaining, and participatory planning/implementation/monitoring.
  • Follow up the rule and regulation, social and gender inclusion, linking with likeminded organizations and taping the resources from them,
  • Logistic management, O &M of irrigations and water supply schemes etc.
  • 29 awareness raising programm conducted.
  • Prepare strategy plan on Total sanitation.
  • Celebration of different national and international Days.
  • Implementation of catchment area conservation activities.


  • Institutional facilitation to COs
  • Conduct different training for COs.
  • Conduct different training for PO staffs.
  • Facilitate the construction of rural infrastructures.
  • Facilitate conduction of IGAs.

    Project Location

    Bannigadhi Gayagadh Rural Municipality 3 Darna, Mellekh Rural municipality 1 and 2 Rishidaha and Chaurpati Rural Municipality 1 Siudi in Achham district.


    Participation of Women and DAG

    As one of the objectives of this program is to institutional facilitation for women users committee, this program is directly and indirectly linked up for the active participation of women and DAG too.