Rural Village Water Resource Management Project- WUMP.

Project Partner

RVWRMP FINIDA/Rural Municipality Turmakhand

Total Project Cost

NRS 1,693,600

Start Date

Falgun 2073

Ending Date

Bhadra 2075

Project Detail

Target Group

Pro-poor community.


To facilitate and Prepare Master plan for constriction of water supply schemes as well as support for total sanitation and hygiene for local communities.

Major Achivements

  • Implementation of water supply projects.
  • Raising the Health and hygiene class and awareness activities.
  • Conducted the Total sanitation Campaign in respective VDCs.

    Participation of Women and DAG

    Yes. Women and DAG are participated in each stage of the project.


  • Institutional development for water resource management andsustainable drinking water supply
  • Initiate awareness activities (personal health and hygiene etc)
  • Conduct different trainings
  • Formation different community based groups and raising the Awareness program, Training and Health hygiene class.
  • Delivery of drinking water supply projects.
  • Conduct the Total Sanitation campaigns.
  • Water source protection and conservation of catchments areas

    Project Location

    Turmakhand Rural Municipality, Achham