Urban Environment Conservation Project (UECP).

Project Partner


Total Project Cost

NRS 1,473,113 (Total)

Start Date

March, 2002


Ending Date

December, 2007

Target Group

Urban People.


To conserve the Urban Environment through awareness raising and Income Generation Activities.

Major Achivements

  • 9 groups institutionalized.
  • 11 small infrastructures constructed.
  • 5 trainings conducted.
  • NRS 2,17,000 collected, NRS 33,000 seed money for IGA promotion provided


  • Institutional facilitation.
  • Facilitation to the UCs for the development of infrastructure.
  • Awareness raising for the conservation activities/wastage collection
  • Conduct the different trainings
  • Facilitate IGA promotion and small entrepreneurship development

Project Location

Lailitpur and Bhaktapur Municipality.


Participation of Women and DAG

Yes. Urban Women are mobilized in income generation activity.