Demonstration on Outward Sloping Terrace Land Husbandry for Combating of Land Degradation (DOSTLanHCLD).

Project Partner


Total Project Cost

NRS 39,22,106.00

Start Date18

June 2012


Ending Date

August 2014

Target Group

Rural Pro-poor people especially women.


  • Project wider objective

    Alleviating poverty of 93 selected households of Ruding Village of Benighat VDC 5, by implementing of terrace improvement activities to increase productivity of the lands and discourage the community in forest encroachment thus securing from future land degradations.

    Project specific objectives

    • Identification and mapping of soil erosion prone lands including outward slopping terraced lands.
    • Formation of Terrace Improvement Groups;
    • Carry out major erosion control interventions such as: Terrace improvements, Introduction of managed cropping pattern for marginal lands, Water source protection, Installation of water harvesting ponds, and Introduction of kitchen gardening;

    Carry out other associated interventions for erosion control such as: IGAs through livestock and other innovations, Installation of latrines, Installation of ICS, Development of private forest, and Installation of Solar Tuki.

Major Achivements

  • Successfully implemented Poverty Alleviation in 83 HHs of Ruding Village
  • Formation of Terrace Improvement Groups and Improved Terrace, cropping pattern for marginal lands
  • Rain Water Harvesting ponds and manage kitchen gardening,
  • Carryout erosion control programmes and measures.

Project Location

Benighat-5 VDC, Dhading district of Nepal.


Participation of Women and DAG

Yes. Most of the volunteers mobilized for the awareness raising are women and DAG. In 5 District level networks, participation of women and DAG are encouraging